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Represent Zhang Jingchuan song LanHuiSong ", "China dream" in guangzhou

Date: 2014-11-06

Composer, guangdong foreign language college of art professor He Yunjiao personal works concert grandly held at recently in guangzhou xinghai concert hall, concert show a total of 24 songs, including by mianyang songwriter Zhang Jingchuan lyrics of the song "LanHuiSong" and "China dream", as the last of the evening show, from the second artillery ensemble young singer wang � singing, won the audience warm applauses.LanHuiSong is according to the late deputy county of beichuan lan-fai real moving story and creation, expressed lofty personality and spirit is yearning.National GongDiaoShi "China dream" is used to express the pursuit of the Chinese dream, works based on reality, across the history, looking to the future, to them.
The night of the concert, staged 24 He Yunjiao created over the last two songs, there are 6 Zhang Jingchuan works of poems, in addition to the "LanHuiSong", "China dream", and guangzhou image songs "lingnan people", and "girl in gansu province", "sweet in yixing, tengwang pavilion and other local flavor song.
Zhang Jingchuan the city changhong group staff, 20 for many years with great concentration of poetry and lyrics, remarkable achievements.In recent years, Zhang Jingchuan repeatedly with He Yunjiao, author of more than ten influential throughout the country, the national characteristic of songs, singing the main melody, acura true, widely acclaimed by the industry.