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Cold Weather, Transport Support and Wide Choices at New Year

Date: 2012-12-29

The Chinese central government announced that the national New Year public holidays will begin from January 1. The three-day holidays will undoubtedly attract huge flow of passengers who will visit their hometown or pay a travelling journey nearby. During the days, low and wet weather will linger next week. The minimum temperature  will drop to 3℃ on Jan. 3, and the average around 6℃-15℃ in the Guangdong province.

The transport authority said the peak will appear on the morning of Jan. 1. Main roads connecting to the city's coach terminals and railway stations will be the most serious sections. The hotline 96900 might help you for any inquiry and complain of Guangzhou's transport.

The Guangzhou Metro Company has promised to extend one hour to carry more passengers from countdowns on the dawn of Jan 1. At the same time, the company is planning to promote  24-hour and 72-hour tickets, helping temporary visitors save more money.

As of Jan. 1, the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Railway is to launch. The line will shorten the time from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Gongbei Port, making the Guangzhou-Macau trip much more convenient.

If you hope to stay in the city, a wide range of events are ready, some of which are bridging the year of 2012 and 2013. In the wake of the food festivals in Panyu and Haizhu's Partypier, another counterpart will follow to keep the fame of "Heaven of Gourmet." Starting December 27, the Taikoo Cang Port (太古仓码头) will maintain the local flavor from time-honored restaurants and food shops in the Haizhu district. The festival is open from 10:00 to 21:00 until Jan 2. Till Jan. 3, the government-organized First International Shopping is incorporating Guangzhou's premium shopping malls and stores to offer consumers discounts during the New Year promotion season.

Outdoor hikers will be recommended to appreciate the nature's beauty for one-day tour. The national-level Liuxihe Forest Park (流溪河国家森林公园) in Guangzhou's Conghua has its right season of plum blossom and maple leaves. Red maple leaves are spreading in another forest park – Shimen Forest Park (石门国家森林公园) where cheers by photographers. To echo the year of snake in Chinese calendar, a snake featured park has open in the Chimelong Safari Park, Panyu district. The Yuntai Park (云台花园) under the Baiyun Mountain has planted over 70 varieties of rose to welcome the New Year.

In the delta city, you can not miss the marine cruise to view the historic city. The Guangzhou Boat Company has promoted a brand-new route to link the three ports alone the Pearl River – Taikoo Cang (太古仓), Dashatou (大沙头) and Xiti (西堤) Port. Romantic places in the pork areas and leisure arrangement like shopping, wine tasting and movie interact in the trip and make it more than a boat cruise. Boat ticket holders can embark no more than twice within one day. With the name of "Love Trip Boat," the company hopes to attract more couples and lovers. RMB 38 is priced for a person and RMB 88 for two-person package.

Boats from Tianzi Port (天字码头) will increase its frequency to 10 minutes interval from 18:30 during the holidays, priced RMB 38. A day-trip line from Tianzi Port to the Lianhua Mountain (莲花山) which operates only at weekends will also open on Jan 1 and 2.

The last choice is for those who are favored of the peaceful holiday. The new Guangzhou Library has openned to public in the Zhujiang New Town.

(By Jessie Huang)

Editor:Jessie Huang