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Large Numbers Climb Baiyun Mountain for Chongyang Festival

Date: 2012-10-23

Chongyang Festival, also called "Double Nine Festival" or "Senior Citizens Day", is a traditional festival in China. It was celebrated on September 9 of the lunar calendar. On this day, people usually ascend heights or appreciate the Chrysanthemum flowers. It's also an important festival that focuses on the traditional virtues of honoring, respecting, loving, and helping the old.

Yesterday was the day before the Chongyang Festival. Guangzhou saw hundreds of thousands of citizen swarm up Baiyun Mountain, the most popular site for ascending heights nearly every year in the city. As usual, police begun controlling the traffic around the area of the mountain in advance and the admission fee was raised to twice the normal price. However, this could not hold back the passion of mountain climbers. Almost every bus at the foot of the mountain was stuffed with excited visitors. According to a report by Guangzhou Daily, as of 12pm last night, there were over 75,000 visitors to Baiyun Mountain and up to 144,400 people climbing mountains around the city.

Besides the locals, many expatriates joined the climbing army. "We all know what this festival means to the Chinese. We all like this festival and are really happy to celebrate it by this way with our Chinese friends." An overseas student named Jessica told a reporter last night. (Source:Lifeofguangzhou.com)